Collective Commitments

The mission of Iron Springs Elementary is to ensure the academic, social and emotional growth of all students.

As the faculty and staff of Iron Springs Elementary School:

  • We will create a positive, safe, welcoming, and nurturing school environment.

  • We will have continual communication between administrators, parents, students, and teachers to foster responsible and successful citizens.

  • We will maximize student potential through effective implementation of the "Multi-Tiered System of Supports" model and the PLC Process.

  • We will instruct with passion, so that students will gain a lifetime love of learning and be prepared for the future.

Our Motto

As an Iron Springs Miner...

I - I learn INTEGRITY by being honest and making good choices.

R - I learn RESPECT by treating others with kindness.

O - I learn OWNERSHIP by leaving the space better than I found it.

N - I will act NOW.

School Song

Iron Springs School Spirit Song

By Shirley Solomon 

Pat – – Clap – – Miners Go

Ir-on Spring Miners Ready to dig!  We love our school and we want to show that we work to-geth-er and do our best!  Best in the West are WE!

Maroon, green and blue, our colors so tru.  Lots of spirit, we want to show!  Our Principal and teachers make learn-ing fun.  A school like this is Num-ber One!

Pat – – Clap – – Miners Go!


Pat – – Clap – – Miners Go!

School History

Iron Springs Elementary established in 2006

Architect: Naylor Wentworth Lund Architects

General Contractor: Hughes General Contractors, Inc


Principal Deon Goshorn 2006-2009

Principal Jane Twitchell 2009-2012

Principal Bylinda Murray 2012-2015

Principal Nathan Jenkins 2015-current